Ceramic Sink CleaningSinks are sold in various sized, shapes and colors and are made from various materials. But the most beautiful, resilient and popular material from which sinks are made is ceramic. Ceramic sinks are considered by many to be classy and this is why they are preferred by both homeowners and interior designers. The only downside of ceramic sinks is that they require constant care. However this doesn’t mean that they are hard to clean because they are not.

The first thing that a ceramic sink owner must do to clean its sinks is to buy bicarbonate of soda also known as baking soda and a bottle of vinegar preferably white. Both supplies can be bought from any food store or supermarket. The reason why one must buy these items is that he/she will make its own homemade cleaning remedy by using these supplies.

The next step is to plug the sink. Once the sink is plugged, one must sprinkle the baking soda over the sink by concentrating on areas that are heavily soiled and stained or that have accumulated excessive amounts of soap scum, limescale and grease. Now a small amount of white vinegar should be poured on the baking soda. When these two ingredients react to one another they make a fizz-like sound, so one shouldn’t be alarmed by it as it is perfectly normal.

After several minutes, one should commence cleaning the ceramic sink with a clean sponge or cloth towel. Once the homemade cleaning detergent is wiped away and all the stains, grease, soap scum and limescale are gone, one should rinse the sink thoroughly by filling the sink with fresh water. When the sink is full, the plug should be removed, so that the water can drain. If any residue of the cleaning mixture is left behind once the water has drained, one should repeat the rinsing procedure.

Another way to clean a ceramic sink is to use professional cleaning services. Every cleaning company has the necessary tools and products to clean ceramic sinks, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the right cleaning firm for the job. One can start his search for a professional cleaning firm by going through the yellow pages or by typing professional cleaners on his computer’s internet search engine or just visit Cleaners Battersea and use their website to get the information they need.

Regardless which approach one chooses at the end he/she will enjoy a sparkling clean ceramic sink which will enhance the feeling of the kitchen or bathroom.

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